There are countless pieces of music that practically everyone recognises – often without knowing where from. The jazz project STING OPERATION has been poaching in this realm for some years, using musical common property as a starting point for unconventional interpretations.

For their latest program, the band have addressed the legendary 1969 music festival Woodstock. This event, surrounded by many myths, initially also influenced jazz musicians (such as Miles Davis). In addition, an astonishing number of jazz, blues and gospel classics were performed at Woodstock.

For their new programme Woodstock Jazz, STING OPERATION dissect songs like Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix), Evil Ways (Santana) and One Day At A Time (Joan Baez), then put them together to form new interpretations, rooted in jazz.

The operating team: Devi Reith (vocals), Felix Straumann (sax, composition), Matthias Siegrist (guitar), Peter Leuzinger (bass) and Peter Preibisch (drums).

More info about the band: here

Past Concerts

21.9.19 Klosterscheune Zehdenick (D), 20.9.19 B-Flat Berlin (D), 29.7.19 Jazz Night Zug, 22.3.19 UnvermeidBAR Baden - 23.3.19 Villa Sträuli Winterthur - 28.3.19 Mittagsmusik Gleis 1 Brugg - 8.2.19 Esse Winterthur - 12.1.19 Hotel Belvédère Scuol -23.11.18 Spital Zofingen - 31.5.18 Kellertheater La Marotte Affoltern - 6.5.18 Theater Casino Zug - 17.3.18 Hotel Belvédère Scuol - 24.11.17 Esse Winterthur - 10.11.17 Café Black Zürich - 25.8.17 Sodi Kulturhalle Zurzach - 10.6.17 Villa Sträuli Winterthur - 12.5.17 Panem Romanshorn - 4.3.17 Chuchifabrik Zofingen - 27.2.17 Gabrinus Plus (1733) St. Gallen - 19.1.17 Rössli Stäfa - 14.12.16 Restaurant Loohof Oftringen (private) - 1.12.16 Restaurant Europa Zürich - 23.9.16 Esse Winterthur - 3.9.16 Galicia Olten - 6.5.16 Zum Wilden Mann Wil SG - 10.12.15 Loohof Oftringen (Guest: Eric Hunziker Git) - 15. 10. 15 Jazz in Sarnen - 25. 9. 15 Jazzclub Lindau (D) - 24. 9. 15 Esse Winterthur (Guest: Kurt Söldi Tp) - 23. 9. 15 Kafi für Dich Zürich (Guest: Christoph Merki Sax) - 13.6.15 Bärechäller Aarburg (Guest: Linus Hunkeler Tp) - 5.6.15 Jazz in Dübendorf - 2.4.15 Luz Seebistro Luzern - 20.2.15 Kaffeehaus St. Gallen (Guest: Mats Spillmann Tp) etc.

The Musicians

Felix Straumann, saxophone
Developed his musical skills at the Bern University of the Arts under George Robert and Andy Scherrer. Master classes with James Moody, David Liebmann, Fred Frith and others. Big band performances with musicians like Clark Terry, Johnny Griffin and John Lewis in Switzerland and the USA. Alongside his “Sting Operation” project, he is also active in the “Pop-up Jazz Trio” and “Schneekönig” (feat. Ray Anderson) among others.

Devi Reith, vocals
Educated in classical and jazz singing at the University of Music Würzburg and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Formative childhood and youth in the Netherlands, India, Italy, England and Germany. Now lives and teaches in Switzerland. Active in music projects ranging from jazz to pop. Released debut album “The World is Sound” in 2015.

Matthias Siegrist, guitar
Studied jazz guitar at the Basel Academy of Music under Wolfgang Muthspiel and others. Subsequently attracted attention with his jazz quartet “Logbook” and various CD recordings. Tours in Switzerland and abroad. Nominated for the ZKB Jazz Prize. Works today as a sideman and songwriter.

Peter Leuzinger, bass
Studied electric bass at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles under Gary Willis and Jeff Berlin. Graduated on the double bass under Peter Frei at the Bern University of the Arts. Now works as a sought-after sideman in genres ranging from jazz to pop, for example with Sandra Studer, Jeff Turner and Richard Lipiec. Other performances with jazz greats like Andy Scherrer, Roman Schwaller and Bobby Shew.

Peter Preibisch, drums
Graduated from Berklee College of Music (Boston) and Manhattan School of Music (New York), where he played with musicians such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Matt Garrison and Jason Moran. Currently heads his own project “Peter’s Playstation” with Andy Scherrer, Michael Zisman and others. Additional projects: Five on Fire, Luther Big Band, Bächlin-Jeger-Preibisch.